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Kuemmel's Corner: Homecoming 'most exciting time of the school year'

We survived homecoming.

I think this might be the most exciting time of the school year at the high school. There truly is nothing like it.

This year’s theme was “Rock the Pack.” The coronation was Monday during the day, and the entire royalty looked great. They are great representatives of the student body. Temi Ogunrinde and Sam Domeier are a great queen and king. Monday night was the volleyball tournament. This year we had many teams enter, and for the first time in years our staff team did not win! There were a lot of very talented student teams. Wednesday night was the talent show. Every year I am astounded by the talent we have in this school. The winners got to perform for the entire student body during Friday’s pep fest.

The cheerleaders and Super Fans helped get everyone ready for the football game, and the teachers even got another chance to defeat the winning student volleyball team. The teachers also got in the act this year and did a dance routine! I love seeing how excited the students get for the pep fests, especially the seniors. This year’s pep fest was great! The carnival was also a big hit, especially the dunk tank, picture booth and karaoke. We once again had a huge crowd come out to take in the parade, and had tons of great floats. Last year the visiting team’s bus pulled up during the parade, and as their team exited the bus, I heard one player say, “We don’t get a parade for homecoming.” It is great to see the whole community come out for the parade. We try to pick a week where each sport can have their own homecoming game (or match or meet) throughout the week so each team feels like they have a marquee event.

A student asked me what the whole idea behind homecoming was, and I told her one part of it was to bring back alumni to “come home” to their old school. It is always great seeing many of our former students at the football game Friday night. This year the dance was Friday night so the students could attend right after the football game. As usual, the Park students were very well behaved throughout the week.

Thanks to all of the students, staff (especially our advisors – Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Martineau), and parents for a great homecoming. It was truly a week where we “Rocked the Pack.”

— Phil Kuemmel, Activities Director for Park High School