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Kuemmel's Corner: Conference decision a "roller coaster ride"

Suburban East or Metro East?

The decision to move conferences has been one big roller coaster ride.

As I write this, I am still not 100 percent sure what conference Park will participate in for the 2014-2015 school year. But this article is not about what conference we will be in. Instead, it is about all of the support that we have received throughout this journey.

The schools from the Classic Suburban Conference met in June and invited Park and Hastings to that meeting. Those eight schools were very interested in forming a new conference, and indicated they would like Park to be the ninth team in that conference. Two weeks ago, they “changed their mind” and voted not to include Park in this conference. There is a possibility that those athletic directors may meet in the very near future to reconsider their vote.

Throughout this whole process, Park has received tons of support. Of course the community has been very supportive. When I am at games or around town, many people come up to me and voice their support for our efforts. Our building Principal Kerry Timmerman has also been very supportive. When he heard how we were treated by the Classic Suburban schools, he called the principals of many of those schools to discuss the situation with them. District Superintendent Dr. Keith Jacobus did the same with the superintendents from those schools. Assistant Superintendent Keith Ryskoski has been our main contact with district administration, and Communications Director Barb Brown has been very helpful in dealing with the media. Finally, our 833 school board has been very supportive, led by Chairperson Ron Kath. Last week they unanimously voiced their support for Park’s move to the Metro East (if we are again invited).

Our athletic department has been through a lot in the past week, but the support that we have received from these people has made the world of difference. It has made me very grateful to work in this great district. We may not know what conference will be in one year from now, but whatever conference that might be, we do know that we will have the support of those around us.

For that, I say, “Thank you.”

Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson has been the South Washington County Bulletin’s sports editor since 2008. He reports on and oversees coverage of high school and amateur sports in south Washington County and Woodbury. Prior to joining the Bulletin, Johnson worked for other Twin Cities suburban newspapers. He is a University of Minnesota graduate.
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