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Kuemmel's Corner: Prom a "happy memory"

As Park Activities Director, I have a few responsibilities besides just athletics. One of these activities is prom.

The end of the school year brings many happy memories for high school students, and prom is one of those. I think most people can fondly remember their high school prom. I actually look forward to chaperoning prom every year.

The grand march was held in the gym on Saturday, and the prom committee did a great job decorating it, using this year's colors of silver, lime green, and pink. The grand march gives the community a chance to see all of the couples and students in their best attire. This year's theme for prom was "A Midsummer's Dream."

This year, the dance was again held at the Prom Center in Oakdale. This is becoming the new tradition at Park, since it used to be held in St. Paul or on a boat on the St. Croix River. The Prom Center was decorated very nicely, again using this year's prom colors.

One thing I like about prom is that the students are always dressed their best and are almost always on their best behavior. I enjoy seeing the students so dressed up in a more mature setting than we typically see in the school. This year it seemed like the boys were split between black and white tuxes, and I was amazed at the many different styles of dresses that the girls wore.

The only negative about prom is how old I feel when I see the students dancing (and I use the term loosely) on the dance floor. There were a variety of limousines and buses driving around town that night taking students to and from the dance.

I always hope that our students make good decisions on this night. I appreciate that our SADD organization does everything they can to remind kids to make good choices, including having the "crashed car" on campus the week before the prom.

Our prom advisors did a great job organizing this event, and the teachers and parents chaperoning the event helped make it a success. I hope it was a midsummer night that our students will remember forever.