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Kuemmel's Corner: District sends out survey to area families

Every two years, the Department of Education requires the district to survey our students to gather information about student participation and interest in athletics.

The district is evaluating its athletic programs because of its commitment to providing equal opportunities under the regulations of Title IX and Minnesota Statute 126.21. This is a required survey mandated by the state.

I am asking all students currently in 7th through 11th grade to complete the survey (seniors do not have to fill it out). I know this is a busy time of the year for families, but I really appreciate your help with this. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes.

Please log on to the following website to access the survey: . I know that is a very long address to type in, so a link to the survey can be found on the Athletics page of Park's website. The deadline to complete the survey is June 7.

We currently offer 33 sports, several fine arts activities, and have over 50 different clubs and organizations at Park. Our goal is to have each and every student at Park involved in the school outside of the classroom in some capacity. We are always looking to add new sports.

Our two newest MSHSL activities include boys and girls lacrosse and dance team. It is not always easy to add new activities because of the financial burden associated with a new sport, but we were able to work with both lacrosse and dance to make those work.

The MSHSL is a presenting partner with FIRST Robotics to sponsor a state tournament, and our team won the championship in the inaugural season last year. Next on the list? The MSHSL will partner to host state tournament in a clay target league. We have also added bowling and figure skating as official clubs at Park. We have many students who represent Park High School in a local bowling league, and many students also compete in figure skating through the Cottage Grove Ice Arena (neither activity is currently a sanctioned MSHSL sport).

Our district has made a commitment to get more students involved in their school, and we will continue to work with the students to identify any new sports that they are interested in. Thanks for your help in filling out this survey.