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Park girls tennis: Wolfpack team season ends with 7-0 loss to Rosemount

Park lost 7-0 in its last match of the season to third seeded Rosemont on Tuesday, October 4. Even though Rosemont was expected to win the match, coach Kangrga "was not exactly pleased" that his team seemed to hand victory to them.

"Overall, as a team, I was disappointed that our effort level wasn't there . . . [we] weren't getting balls we could have," he said.

Frustrated that his team's lackluster footwork and hustle decided matches in Rosemont's favor, Kangrga added, "If you lose a match 6-1, 6-1 you should be super tired," unlike what he saw in his players that day.

While proud of the improvements his team has made, Kangrga believes the players, "can't just be happy to be out there" anymore because that won't be enough to defeat the tough teams in our conference; they also need to start expecting a win. "I take full responsibility for that," Kangrga said.

However, some members of the team also proved that Park has potential. Park's "second and third doubles were very competitive," noted Kangrga. Both teams lost close matches, putting up a strong fight against tough opponents.

Second doubles team Savanna Sielben and Nicole Laabs lost 7-5 7-5 in an energetic match in which Park players took opportunities to close off the net.

"They competed super hard. It's by far the most aggressive I've seen Savanna play," Kangrga said.

Kangrga was also happy about the effort put forth by third doubles team Malorie Briggs and Carolyn Lindstrom, noting that, "They've competed against every team we've played this year, which is great to see."

Team events have ended for Park girls tennis this season, but singles players Nina Riesselman and Andrea Kujz, and doubles players Marissa Walseth, Sarah Luman, Savanna Sielben, and Nicole Laabs will continue to compete in the upcoming individual tournament.

The 7-0 loss is a disheartening end to a tough season, but Kangrga hopes that his players won't let that prevent them from continuing to practice so that they can be ready to win next season.

"Offseason I'd like to see all the girls put in some time," he said.