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Letter: Tea Party ideology is refreshing, not irrational

I recently read a letter to the editor from William Labovitch, the Senate District 54 DFL outreach director, who thinks Rep. Dan Schoen did as he was elected to do (June 5 Bulletin). I have no intention to argue the veracity of his argument to that point.

What did pique my curiosity was the last paragraph in Labovitch’s letter in which he stated: “Perhaps it is (Matthew) Kowalski and his Tea Party Republican friends who need to be held accountable for their irrational, uneducated and over-the-top ideology instead.”

Since no specific examples were given by Labovitch of Tea Party beliefs, except to describe them in the negative manner that he did, I took it upon myself to do a Google search of “Tea Party ideology.” The first entry that appeared was from Wikipedia, under the heading of Tea Party movement, which cites It states: “The Tea Party generally focuses on government reform, including a significant reduction in the size and scope of the government. Tea Party members generally advocate a national economy operating without government oversight.”

I did not find that particular description of Tea Party ideology to be irrational, uneducated or over the top, as Labovitch described. To the contrary, I found it to be refreshing.

—Robert Segedi

Cottage Grove