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Letter to the editor: Lehrke has been instrumental in immediate 70th Street solutions

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Washington County and Cottage Grove staff, and a special thank you to County Commissioner Autumn Lehrke, for addressing the traffic and lane concerns along 70th Street in Cottage Grove.

Lehrke has worked with both the city of Cottage Grove and its concerned residents on out-of-the-box solutions regarding improving the safety among increasing traffic concerns.  Improvements include repaving thinned areas of 70th street to allow for increased traffic flow, and re-striping to accommodate a center-left turn lane.

Lehrke has been instrumental in providing immediate solutions to help 70th Street concerns until major improvements can be made. I appreciate the work you are doing and I am delighted to see that steps have been taken to alleviate some of these issues. Thank you.

Lise Alden-Rediske, Cottage Grove

Alden-Rediske lives in the Pine Summit neighborhood near 70th Street and serves on the Cottage Grove Planning Commission.