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Letter to the editor: Walmart may be symbolic of local business problem in Cottage Grove

The new Walmart that is being constructed in Cottage Grove has become the topic of controversy among the residents in Cottage Grove now that the Cottage View Drive-In is gone for good. The Cottage View Drive-In was a beloved attraction for all of the Cottage Grove residents ever since its opening in the 1960s. The drive-in had a great 46-year service to Cottage Grove and anyone who wanted to go out and enjoy an outdoor movie with their family, friends or significant other.

Motorists passing by where the sign once stood for the drive-in are now greeted with the iconic Walmart logo that has taken over modern-day America. Local teenagers miss having a place where they could look forward to spending their late nights during the summer with people close to them. The Walmart may be seen as an even more large-scale takeover of the city of Cottage Grove by corporate America that will be soon to come in the coming years. With the closing of the beloved frozen yogurt shop Yo-Joe’s in Cottage Grove, this may be a sign of things to come where large business force small businesses out of Cottage Grove.

Nathan Klok, Cottage Grove