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Bulletin letters to the editor: Judy Spooner, School Board

Judy’s stories made us appreciate our community

Thank you, Judy Spooner, for giving us over 30 years of weekly stories about our community and the people who live here. We have been blessed, entertained, brought to laughter and to tears over your many stories. We thank you for making us all more aware of what a great place we have to live, work and play. You have introduced us to some very interesting, caring and creative people whom we would never have known.

Through the years you have made us aware of issues and circumstances that made us better citizens of our community. You have inspired us to know our neighbors better and to use our skills and talents to make our community a better place.

May your retirement be a blessing to you and may your Santa, Gary, treat you with all the generosity that you deserve.

Rod Hale, Cottage Grove

Students would be best served with Van Leer on District 833 board

As a retired superintendent of the South Washington County Schools, I want to share a few thoughts about the upcoming School Board election and one of the finest individuals I have come to know during my time in the district.

Sharon Van Leer has a long history of positive engagement with our schools. Over the years, Sharon has demonstrated her commitment to our students with her time and energy. She has been a member of the School District Foundation Board, the district’s equity and integration programs, as well as being active at the school level with staff and administration. Sharon has served the YMCA, the Washington County Foster Parent Association, and the St. Paul Cancer Society. She has been on the staff of the William Mitchell College of Law since 1991.

Sharon Van Leer is always on the side of a quality education for all students. She supports the district when it is deserved, and at the same time she has and will demand improvement and fairness when the district can do a better job.

We live in one of the best school districts in Minnesota. We need to maintain the quality of our schools and one way to accomplish this is to elect strong leaders to the Board of Education. I have respect for all the candidates who run for public office, but I know our school district’s students will be best served by electing Sharon Van Leer to the District 833 School Board.

Tom Nelson, Woodbury

Nelson is a retired School District 833 superintendent.