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Bulletin letters to the editor: District 833 supporters group, July Fourth fireworks

Parent group to speak up for District 833

For months now, some of us have been concerned about the tone of the conversation, and the volume of misinformation being disseminated about our school district, District 833. Others have been vocal long enough without community members speaking up to support our district and to counter with more accurate information. We hope to be a counter to those voices.

We are a group of parents and community members interested in working constructively with South Washington County Schools to create one of the best school districts in Minnesota, and we have a teacher/parent in our midst. We are active volunteers in our schools and on district level committees. Between us we are involved in Curriculum Advisory, Technology Advisory, Gifted and Talented, Communicators, Strategic Planning, Spanish Immersion, as well as on PTOs, Parent Advisory Councils, Booster Clubs, Science Club, Academic Triathlon and more. We strive to be informed and involved parents and community members.

We have created a website,, to provide more accurate information than what we've been reading lately. At a recent district strategic planning meeting, Superintendent Keith Jacobus outlined a few ground rules for the day before we began. Some of those ground rules provide a great framework for how we would like to use this website. We intend to be a positive force in the district, to communicate honestly and openly, and to treat others with dignity and respect. Will we agree with every decision the district makes? Absolutely not. But we will seek to be constructive and respectful in our dialogue with the district and with others in our community.

We invite other parents and community members who seek the truth, and who know the great things happening in our district every day, to follow our website or Facebook page, and to join us in speaking out. If you would like to sign your name as a supporter of this effort, would like to assist us in another way, or have a great story or question, please let us know by clicking on "Join Us" on the site and filling out the form.

Winnie Williams, Alberder Gillespie, Dan Menken, Laura O'Connell, Tori O'Hare, Rich Radke, Eileen Reuss, Jerry Williams and Michelle Witte

Fireworks show a wonderful display

I just want to say what a wonderful fireworks display Cottage Grove put on for the Fourth of July. They were the best. Thank you so much. I do believe the Lions it on. Way to go.

Mary Johannsen

Cottage Grove