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From the editor's desk: Bulletin changing with the times

Note to Web readers: The Nov. 11 print edition of the Bulletin, which is on newstands and being delivered to subscribers now, got a new look. This article details changes in the Bulletin's design.

In case you didn't notice ... this week's Bulletin looks a lot different from last week's.

The new look might take some getting used to for some of you, but I want to let you know that the changes are more about substance than style for us.

They reflect a changing media landscape where newspapers are getting smaller and there's more information available online.

To explain some of the changes, I'll start with the page you're on. We've expanded our opinion page so that we can include more article comments from the Web and more opinion pieces by Bulletin staff and the public.

We want a diversity of opinions in the paper, so if you've got something to say, please consider sending us a letter to the editor or a viewpoint article.

We've also tried to make more room for police news and jail bookings by moving our obituaries to the "B" section of the paper. For the latest police news and jail bookings, be sure to check our Web site, The jail bookings are posted each weekday, and Cottage Grove police reports are posted throughout the week.

We also post obituary notices online as soon as we get them, along with news that breaks throughout the week.

There are so many notices in our paper each week about events throughout the community, sometimes they're hard to keep track of. We're hoping we've made that easier for you by combining them all into the calendar page. You'll find the next seven days' events in the newspaper, and events planned farther in advance on our online calendar.

Finally, we've altered the front page of our sports section so we can feature more than one story each week. We're excited that more local athletes will be able to say they've been on the front page of the sports section!

If you're having trouble finding anything in the paper, please look on page 14A for a guide to help you locate it.

Our goal in this redesign is to serve you better, so please let us know what's working for you, and what's not by sending me an e-mail at, or call me at (651) 459-3435.

Patricia Drey Busse is managing editor of the South Washington County Bulletin.