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St. Paul Park City Council candidate viewpoint: Sandi Dingle

I am running for re-election for City Council in St. Paul Park. I have served for two consecutive terms but feel that there is more that I can offer. With no big issues pending in the city, my biggest concern is maintaining services while keeping taxes down. The beautification of our downtown and continued maintenance of our parks are also important to me.

I am employed at the Metropolitan Council as a program technical assistant in the Community Development Division of the Department of Regional Planning. Currently I serve as secretary on the Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission, the Land Use Advisory Committee and the Corridors of Opportunity Policy Board. I have also worked in the past on the Rural Issues Work Group, Natural Resources Task Force and the Red Rock Corridor Advisory Commission. This work experience has been very beneficial to the work I have contributed to the city.

I have served on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee in St. Paul Park where we have looked at the concerns of residents regarding the Rivers Edge Development. This committee, along with the City Council and commissions, identified 10 components that are essential to the success of the development of Rivers Edge. They are the guiding principles that govern the council’s strategic planning for St. Paul Park’s future. I feel that this development will take place at some point in the future and I believe it will be an important addition to St. Paul Park.

I respectfully request your vote on Nov. 5 because I am willing to work hard, listen to citizens’ concerns, and most of all because I’m passionate about maintaining the small town feel of St. Paul Park.

St. Paul Park is a jewel along the Mississippi and I am committed to working with residents and city staff to maintain that. I believe it is important to hear the concerns of the citizens while shaping the future of St. Paul Park.

Please vote for me, Sandi Dingle, on Nov. 5 and let me work for you.