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Bulletin weekly Q&A: Will Thanksgiving shopping affect holiday celebrations?

Staff writer Judy Spooner went to the recent Gentle Saturday hosted by District 833 Community Education. With Target, Walmart and other stores opening on Thanksgiving night, she asked people if they believe earlier shopping hours will affect traditional holiday celebrations.

"It might and it might not. Everybody should have time to rest on holidays. It might affect workers who would rather be with their families. It would be better if only those employees who volunteer would be required to work."

--Kelli Redington, Cottage Grove

"I'm concerned for the workers. I'd rather be anywhere but in a store on Thanksgiving or on Black Friday. I'd rather pay more money than look for bargains and have to stand in line."

-- Gail Baev, Woodbury

"I don't even do Black Friday. I think it's awful for stores to be open. It's not always about the almighty dollar. It's hideous that people would be required to work on Thanksgiving."

-- Aileen Krzos, Stillwater