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Bulletin letter to the editor: Food shelf worthy of donations

I just picked up my commemorative copy of the Holiday Train calendar that the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce puts out and what a nice reflection on our community. We have a lot of worthy organizations that each and every year people donate to, but in this time of uncertainty and economic stress, it's places like the Friends In Need Food Shelf that really need our help. In addition to the great photos of our local residents, there are coupons for every month. Of special note is an ad for the month of June where one individual realtor is making an offer that no one should refuse. His offer is this: if you send him your email address, he will donate $1 to the Holiday Train. Just imagine if everyone in Cottage Grove, Newport and St. Paul Park took him up on his offer. Fewer people would go hungry this holiday season.

I would encourage everyone to contact the chamber or stop by the following local businesses to pick up a calendar and then send your email address off to the very benevolent gentleman of June: Borgstrom's Hallmark, Bulletin License Center, Caribou Coffee, Cub Foods, Curves for Women, Merchants Bank and Yo-Joe's Frozen Yogurt and Coffee Shoppe; Central Bank in Newport; Anchor Bank and the Park Café in St. Paul Park.

Cathy Lenihan

Cottage Grove