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Talking faith: Church sign aims to make you laugh, hope

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs ... I read one last week that said, "Feed your faith and your fear will starve." I liked that idea so much that we placed it on our marquee on the corner of Belden and Grenadier Avenue in Cottage Grove. I like reading the signs, slogans, and bumper stickers around town because I think they reflect the institutions, enterprises, and people they are attached to.

The objective for our sign is 'hope' and we try to convey that to the people zipping down the Belden Boulevard corridor. You will never see a condemnation, an accusation or a wagging finger when you drive, walk or roll by. In fact, it is my goal to make you laugh, think or simply smile as you make your way through the world. As the Lead Sheep Dog of All Saints Lutheran Church, ELCA, my office door says, "WAG MORE: bark less."

Yep, I like to look at the bright side of life. The reason for this is pretty simple: Jesus won. I believe that because Jesus died and rose again that all people are already saved. It is not about what we do but rather about what has already been done on our behalf. And by the way, that is not just a regurgitation of Martin Luther coming at you -- it is a theology of grace -- not a theology based in fear.

For me, church is a place where grace can flourish in the midst of sinners and saints, Marys and Marthas, Judases and Lazaruses. So as you read the signs while making your way around town, consider the window into the soul of the community they serve. It might just remind you of that simple fact: Jesus won. (And maybe even to "WAG MORE: bark less.")

Pastor Jules describes herself as the Lead Sheep Dog at All Saints Lutheran Church, 8100 Belden Blvd. in Cottage Grove.

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