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Judy Spooner: Olympic site committee's judgement questionable

There was some shocking weather news at the 2010 Winter Olympics recently. The men's downhill skiing race was canceled because it was snowing.

There have been complaints in the opening days about the lack of snow. I thought snow was good for ski racing.

That's one of the reasons I would not make an effective member of the Olympic Games Site Selection Committee. I can think, evaluate and come to a conclusion that fits the facts. No way, I'd even get considered for a nomination.

Vancouver, British Columbia, looks like a beautiful place. I would love to go there for a visit.

But the site committee should have noticed there is an ocean there. When there are large bodies of water, and the Pacific certainly qualifies, and cold weather, you will most certainly get fog. Fog has postponed some Olympic events. Most people would have noticed that, but those people wouldn't get picked to be on the site committee.

But 2010 is not a one-case trend. Remember Beijing, China, where the 2008 summer games were held?

It's another place I would enjoy visiting, but I'd be tempted to bring surgical masks to filter out some of the air pollution.

The majority of the games require running and physical exertion. If participants hoped for maximum lung capacity, they were out of luck.

The Chinese had to hire multitudes to rake and harvest tons of algae from the bay where scull racing took place.

You'd think committee members would have noticed tons of green stuff or found themselves short of breath back in their hotels.

Maybe consuming large quantities of wine and eating spectacular Chinese food helped them make the decision.

Remember when they chose Mexico City for 1968 summer games?

The city is located at more than 7,000 feet in elevation, quite a bit higher than Denver, Colo.

At least one site team member should have said, "Hey, you guys, are you getting a little winded? Those people are going to have to run during the games."

Apparently, none of them noticed.

They picked Brazil for the 2016 summer games. Did they know how hot and humid it is there?

From the evidence I've presented, I've come to some conclusions about the qualifications required to serve on the site selection committee.

Daughter Margie said "shut-ins" should get consideration.

A list of sample questions would include: "Have you ever taken a course in meteorology? If you flunked, please continue."

"Do you own your own portable oxygen tank?"

"Can you define 'atlas' or 'globe'?"

"When did you last visit an eye doctor? If you don't know what an optometrist is, you can continue."

I have some recommendations for the committee, which don't matter since they're not likely to listen

Hold the summer games in Hawaii where it's the same temperature most of the time and the air is good.

If we could move a mountain or two into south Washington County, our area would be ideal for winter games. Good air, cold nights, 22-inches of snow and some very nice people.

It could work.