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Letter: Cemetery looks better now

We used to have a cabin up north and went to another church in the summer, but we always tried to keep up with what was going on at our "home church." St. Thomas Aquinas' bulletin is on the church's Web site, one can be picked up at the church office Monday through Friday, it can be mailed out or we could ask a friend or neighbor to bring one home for us. Although the church could have made an announcement in the newspaper regarding cleaning the cemetery, not everyone reads the newspaper either.

One of the rules of St. Thomas Aquinas cemetery has always been only "above ground plant stands allowed." This is stated in a brochure available in the church office and given to the family at the time a grave is purchased. The rules are also at the entrance to the cemetery. Many may have forgotten what they read or have simply chosen to ignore the rules and have placed shepherds' hooks, statues, and a variety of mementos on and around graves. This makes it very difficult to maintain the grass and it is very hard on the equipment. Other cemeteries have similar rules, removing items a few weeks after Memorial Day. Why not keep our mementos at home where we can see them every day?

I visit the cemetery very often so I appreciate the time the church has taken to clean it up. I think it looks beautiful, as such a sacred place should look.

Mary Drews

St. Paul Park