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Minnesota lawmakers ease advance nurses' rules

ST. PAUL -- Minnesota's advance practice registered nurses would have more freedom to practice without a formal arrangement with a doctor under a bill headed to Gov. Mark Dayton.

Current law requires the advance nurses to only work under a written agreement with a doctor. The bill would eliminate that mandate, allowing the nurses to continue to work even when the doctor leaves.

“One of things that we’re looking to do is increase access to health care with this bill,” bill sponsor Rep. Dan Schoen, D-St. Paul Park, said. “If that doctor decides to retire, passes away or just leaves town, this person that decided to settle their family in your community, who is an extremely highly trained professional, will now be without work until we can find someone else for them to have that collaborative management agreement.”

The bill passed the House 119-13 Thursday after senators passed it 64-0 a week ago.

Advanced practice registered nurses have postgraduate education such as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives and registered nurse anesthetists.

More than 6,000 advance care registered nurses serve Minnesotans.