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Big Marine Park beach closed next week for swimmer's itch treatment

Washington County swimmers' options for beating the late-June heat will get more limited next week.

Busy Big Marine Park Reserve beach will be closed to swimmers June 30 and July 1 while Washington County treats the lake water for swimmer's itch.

Lifeguards will be back on duty for the reopening of the beach on Thursday, July 2 ahead of the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Swimmer's itch is a short-term immune reaction in swimmers infected by water-borne parasites. According to a Washington County release, 30 to 40 percent of people are sensitive to swimmer's itch.

To avoid infection it's recommended swimmers shower and dry off completely shortly after exiting the water.

Other Washington County Park swimming beaches will remain open during the closure, officials stressed. The closest alternative is Square Lake Park, eight miles southeast of Big Marine Park Reserve.