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Cottage Grove Green Garden winners announced

Winners of Cottage Grove’s 2014 Green Garden awards are Terry and Karen Erickson in the residential category and Culver’s in the commercial category. The awards were announced at the City Council meeting Aug. 13. Each will receive a large stone engraved with the city’s logo and the year to add to their gardens.

The judges noted that the Erickson garden, located at 7100 94th St., had a number of unique features including two ponds complete with koi fish and an intricate handmade rose-covered trellis in the backyard, while a small gnome garden adorned the front yard.

Culver’s, located at 7998 Hardwood Ave., was selected for the large number of colorful annuals around the building and main sign and its hanging baskets. The beds are very well maintained, weed free, and contain a good variety of plants.

“We appreciate the beautiful landscaping everyone has done in Cottage Grove,” Mayor Myron Bailey said.

The Green Garden awards have been presented annually since 2007 to a residential and commercial garden nominated by residents. This year two residential and three commercial gardens were nominated. All entries are judged on specific criteria including overall appearance, plant variety and arrangement, uniqueness, creativity, environmental esthetics and upkeep. The nomination deadline for the 2015 Green Garden award will be July 2015.