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Cottage Grove orders summer pavement repairs

Construction crews from Valley Paving, Inc., soon will begin addressing wear and tear on two residential districts in Cottage Grove, including three new areas added due to excessive cracking, as part of the $3.6 million 2014 pavement management project.

Throughout the summer, the city’s F1 district (east of Islay Avenue, north of Jareau Avenue and west of Jewel Avenue) and F4 district (east of and including Jergen Avenue, west of and including Jareau Avenue, and south of 91st and 93rd streets) will undergo maintenance to fix premature stripping and road failure as the result of air voids in pavement being too great. The voids, City Engineer Jennifer Levitt said earlier this year, allow moisture to get in between cracks in the pavement.

While those areas are being addressed, three other areas experiencing pavement deterioration will also get attention.

The first section added is repairs to East Point Douglas Road near White Pines Senior Living. The added cost is $19,642.

Levitt said sections of the pavement have settled around sanitary and storm sewer structures, which creates an unsafe driving surface and hinders plowing efforts in the winter. This pavement will be removed and replaced.

Included in the cost is new seal coating to the entire portion of East Point Douglas Road from Hardwood Avenue to the cul-de-sac, near the new Goodwill.

The second section added is $24,645 in repairs to one of the city’s busiest intersections: 80th Street and East Point Douglas Road, including Hardwood Avenue. Extreme wear and tear from heavy traffic and weather over the last year has caused the intersection to experience “extreme joint failure,” Levitt said. While the area has been patched, more work is needed to ensure the same failure does not occur in the future.

As part of this project, crews will complete a full-depth milling and repaving of the failed joints, as well as seal coating.

The third section, adding the highest cost of $56,212, is slated to repave and repair East Point Douglas Road from County Road 19 (Keats Avenue) to where the 2013 construction ended near the new Walmart.

Similarly to the second alternative, extreme weather and heavy traffic have caused severe damage to pavement joints. Included in the cost is a full-depth reclamation of the road and repaving.

“This is only an interim fix,” Levitt said.

With future development expected to occur in the proposed Shoppes at Cottage View, Levitt said this option is the most cost-effective, and will eventually become part of a future alignment of East Point Douglas Road and County Road 19.

In total, $100,499 will be added to the 2014 pavement management project, which is slated to break ground May 27. The construction is expected to last eight weeks; four weeks of utility and curb pavement and another four weeks of pavement removal and replacement.

Roughly 45 percent of the cost of the project is assessed to benefiting property owners, while the general levy and various city funds will pick up the rest of the cost.