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Dingle, Swenson begin third term on St. Paul Park City Council

St. Paul Park Mayor Keith Franke administered the oath of office Tuesday, Jan. 21, to incumbent City Council members Sandi Dingle and Jeff Swenson. (Bulletin photo by Emily Buss)

Third time’s a charm for incumbent St. Paul Park City Council members Jeff Swenson and Sandi Dingle, who in November were both re-elected to serve third terms.

Bitterly cold weather postponed the early January swearing in ceremony and the two took the oath of office during last week’s council meeting.

“I’m excited to get back to work,” Dingle said after her re-election.

Both Dingle and Swenson were first chosen to represent St. Paul Park in 2005 and were re-elected for a second time in 2009.

“I’m happy to be working with the council again for the next four years,” Swenson said upon being re-elected. “Like I said before (the council) is a great group of people who bring different talents to the table and we all really mesh well together.”

Council members serve four-year terms.