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Cottage Grove orders road improvement projects totaling $3.6M

Roughly five miles of roadway in the southeast portion of Cottage Grove is slated for a complete overhaul come spring as part of a $3.6 million pavement management project.

The city’s F1 district (east of Islay Avenue, north of Jareau Avenue and west of Jewel Avenue) and F4 district (east of and including Jergen Avenue, west of and including Jareau Avenue, and south of 91st and 93rd streets) are currently in disrepair, City Engineer Jennifer Levitt said during a public hearing last week.

Pavement that was installed in either 1993, 1994 or 1997, she said, is prematurely failing, causing extensive damage.

“This pavement is in the poor range and is in steep decline,” she said.

Despite the pavement failing on the surface, Levitt added that the structural integrity of the surface below is not compromised.

A handful of Cottage Grove residents showed up to the public hearing to discuss the upcoming road repair work and the assessments attached to the project. Many raised concerns about quality of work and referenced the 2013 pavement management project which left many homeowners unsatisfied with repairs.

“We put a lot of pressure on staff to bring about top quality work,” council member Justin Olsen said to residents.

Council member Jen Peterson echoed Olsen’s statement and added that the city does not fully pay off pavement management projects until “the work is up to our standards.”

The $3.6 million mill and overlay project will be paid for by roughly $1.55 million in assessments, about $1.8 million from the city’s general levy and the rest coming from various utility funds.

The city is expected to go out for bids on the project sometime in April and award it in May. Levitt added construction should begin in the spring and be completed by late fall.

A neighborhood meeting will be scheduled prior to construction, Levitt said, which will give residents and city officials an opportunity to see the contractor’s schedule.

Since 1994, roughly 67 miles of the city’s roadway has been reconstructed with more than 5,600 assessments handed out.