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Dingle, Swenson re-elected to four-year terms

Incumbent Sandi Dingle was re-elected Tuesday to her third four-year term. (Bulletin file photo)1 / 2
Incumbent Jeff Swenson was re-elected Tuesday to his third four-year term. (Bulletin file photo)2 / 2

Sandi Dingle and Jeff Swenson have been re-elected to serve four more years on the St. Paul Park City Council.

This is the second time the incumbents have been re-elected.

All four precincts reported just 40 minutes after the polls closed Tuesday. Dingle and Swenson garnered a combined 743 votes; Dingle had the most with 376 (33.07 percent) while Swenson had 367 (32.28 percent).

First-time challengers Darrin Smith captured 273 votes while Nathan Kotfis had 114.

Dingle, who was celebrating her victory with family, said she is excited to get back to working for the residents.

“It has been interesting to hear little tidbits during the campaign of what people want to see and the issues they are concerned with,” she said. “It’s fun to run and see people open up. I’m really excited to keep going.”

Dingle added that she was happy to hear Swenson had been re-elected “because I think we both work really well together and we make a great team.”

Swenson shared the collaborative sentiment and praised the efforts of the other candidates.

“All the candidates did a great job campaigning and getting out into the public eye,” he said. “I’m happy to be working with the council again for the next four years. And like I said before (the council) is a great group of people who bring different talents to the table and we all really mesh well together.”

Both Dingle and Swenson were first elected to the City Council in 2005 and re-elected in 2009.