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St. Paul Park City Council candidate profile: Sandi Dingle

Having served the community of St. Paul Park for the last eight years as a City Council member, incumbent Sandi Dingle said she feels there is more to do.

On the top of her agenda: maintaining services and keeping property taxes low.

Dingle praised her fellow council members on consistently allowing productive dialogue to continue and said she was happy with the outcome of the budget discussions.

“Going forward, I want to continue to keep this downward tax trend going,” she said.

With Broadway Avenue being the main retail thoroughfare in St. Paul Park, Dingle said she wants to continue to promote existing businesses but said adding more “destination shops” could be a possibility.

“I foresee the new businesses being speciality shops or destination shops that bring people here to spend the day,” Dingle said. “That will change as we continue to develop Rivers Edge.”

Having served on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Dingle is a proponent of beautifying downtown and Rivers Edge.

“It’s important to take pride and ownership of this jewel in our backyard,” Dingle said, adding she will continue to be supporter of reviving the riverfront.

With the fate of Heritage Days currently on the council’s desk, Dingle said she is open to more dialogue.

“We really do need to figure out the future of Heritage Days and find out what happened,” she said. “From what I heard, things got out of hand and we don’t want it to be a drunken brawl.”

Dingle, who said she does not want the festival to move off Broadway Avenue or disallow on-street drinking, suggested added security could be a viable option.

Having deep-rooted family history in St. Paul Park, Dingle said she is committed to keeping the small town feel while building a community where “people raise their children and stay.”