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St. Paul Park City Council candidate profile: Nathan Kotfis

First-time candidate Nathan Kotfis said he wants to bring more freedoms back to the homeowner and reconnect the City Council with the residents.

As a keeper of honeybees, Kotfis is an advocate for homeowners’ rights to utilize their property however they want, within reason.

“There should be no reason why these freedoms and liberties should be restricted by government, even at the local level,” he said. “I’m pro-homeowner, whether it’s allowing people to bring in solar or a wind turbine or if they want chickens to enjoy organic eggs at home, people should have that right.”

With St. Paul Park being a residential community, Kotfis said bringing in new business is not a top priority. Instead of attracting new tenants, he said the city should reinvest in the existing businesses and grow recreational opportunities.

“Reinvestment in parks and recreation will keep us in St. Paul Park,” he said. “Keep the dollars here. Adding something similar to the splash pad that everybody can use that’s within walking distance is something I wouldn’t mind spending my tax dollars on.”

With the future of Heritage Days up for discussion, Kotfis said he values the community event but doesn’t like the two venues — “drinking and over priced amusement vendors.”

“I don’t want to bring my kids to see drunk people or be surrounded by bad language or pass by someone who is smoking,” he said.

He added that inviting a variety of low-cost vendors would eliminate what he said was a “monopolization of food.”

Kotfis said he thinks the current council has been diligent with the budget and is “grateful” for its fiscal responsibility over the years. However, he said he wants to be the “voice that isn’t represented anymore.”

“The pro homeowner voice that is connected with the constituency,” he said. “St. Paul Park is a beautiful community that has a gem in the backyard. I want to see a rigorous reinvestment into the community to develop its parks and recreation.”