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St. Paul Park re-evaluates downtown parking

Parking might soon be prohibited at a busy intersection of downtown St. Paul Park.

After receiving a handful of complaints regarding vehicle congestion on First and Second streets near Seventh and Broadway avenues in St. Paul Park, the City Council held a workshop to discuss the future of parking in the neighborhood.

"The area can get very congested when people are parked on both sides of the street," Police Chief Mike Monahan told the council last week. "It gets even harder (to maneuver) in the winter, and with the truck traffic in that area it's a hazard because vehicles can't pass."

In an attempt to remedy the poor sight lines and create easier traffic flows, the city recommended no parking on several streets near Garelick Manufacturing and SuperMom's.

Proposed no parking areas are:

- West side of First Street, between Broadway and Seventh avenues

- East side of Second Street, between Broadway and Seventh avenues

- The 600 block of Second Street

- Both sides of Seventh Avenue, between First and Second streets

Monahan stressed the importance of rescue vehicles being able to get through neighborhoods and expressed his concern that narrow, congested roads could hinder emergency situations.

The St. Paul Park Public Safety and Public Works commissions both recently discussed the congested neighborhood and support the no-parking proposal.

The council also discussed the possibility of limited and diagonal parking in the area and recommended diagonal parking be allowed in the 100 block of Broadway Avenue and one-hour parking on Second Street between Broadway and Seventh avenues.

A draft ordinance proposal will be presented during the council's next regular meeting on Aug. 19, during which the council is expected to approve the amendments.

-Emily Buss