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St. Paul Park City Council approves water tower rehab specifications

The $1.2 million Broadway Water Tower recondition project earned unanimous support last week, as the St. Paul Park City Council approved preliminary specifications and ordered the approval to seek construction bids.

Earlier this year, the project jumped to the top of the priority list at the Minnesota Department of Health and St. Paul Park began applying for a low interest loan through the Public Facilities Authority Drinking Water Revolving Fund. Because the water tower directly relates to the quality of water in St. Paul Park., the city deemed the project highly important.

The aging water tower, while not in disrepair, City Administrator Kevin Walsh said, is in need of preventative work. Plans for the rehabilitation include sandblasting the interior and exterior, with the majority of the work concentrated on the top, complete replacement of interior and exterior wet coatings, partial replacement of interior dry coating, and other minor structural repairs.

It is anticipated that the city will receive the bids and award a potential contract at the council's July 1 regular meeting. Once a bid is secured, construction would likely begin in August and last approximately 10 weeks.

The loan application process with the PFA will be complete once bids are secured.