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Newport prepares for road construction

In an effort to prepare for an upcoming neighborhood open house regarding future street improvement projects, the Newport City Council last Thursday analyzed a feasibility study to determine where those improvements are needed.

The study determined that many streets throughout the city are in poor condition and in need of repair. In total, the study reported more than 30,000 feet of pavement must be repaired by 2015.

Along with the street repair, the feasibility report recommended that, in preparation for improvements, any sanitary sewer system that has not been inspected for disrepair in the last three years be inspected.

The council decided that residents with clean sewer systems can opt out of paying for a new system by televising their pipes to show that the system is in good shape. City code states that the owner of a residential property is responsible for the maintenance costs associated with the section of sewer pipe that runs from the home to the curb.

Newport residents who have received a letter notifying them that their property will be affected were invited to participate in the open house March 19.

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