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Council approves capital improvements plan

Cottage Grove City Council members last week approved a capital improvements plan that lays out almost $100 million worth of major projects through 2015.

The plan, which sketches out major infrastructure expenditures over the next five years, lists $92 million in planned capital improvement projects. Among projects planned for 2011 are:

-- A $634,000 street sealcoat project;

-- $60,000 on refurbishment of the Grey Cloud Island Township bridge;

-- $70,000 on play equipment for North Ideal and Hemingway parks;

-- $8.7 million on the first portion of the construction of a new city hall and public safety facility.

Forty percent of the project costs included in the planning document are set to be paid for through the city's existing building fund, with large portions of the projected costs also covered by existing city funds and assessments.

City finance director Robin Roland said last week the city has pared back it's five-year plan as the economy has continued to struggle.

-- Jon Avise