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St. Paul Park council candidate Q&A: Roth promises 'thoughtful, balanced decisions'

Name: Dale Roth

Age: 55

Address: 929 Holley Ave.

Occupation: Property Loss Replacement Specialist

Education: High School Diploma, Military and Professional Certificates

Family: Wife Denise, Daughters Samantha and Madison

Civic Involvement: St. Paul Park Parks and Recreation committee member, American Legion officer, Cottage Grove United board member, assistant Boy Scout leader, youth sports coach, youth academics coach, youth reading mentor.

Why are you qualified to serve on the City Council? It is not up to me to determine if I am qualified to serve. It is up to the voting citizens of St. Paul Park to determine if they want me to represent them as a council member. If elected, I would bring many years of personal and professional experience and accomplishments to the council. Utilizing that knowledge and experience, I will make realistic, thoughtful and balanced decisions on all matters brought before the counsel.

What would your approach be to the proposed BNSF auto-exchange lot? To coordinate and provide honest, effective and meaningful communication between the representatives of BNSF and the city of St. Paul Park.

What are your two biggest priorities as a council member? To ensure that our public safety and public works departments have the support and funding needed to protect, serve and provide for the citizens of St. Paul Park. Identify and address current and future infrastructure needs of the city, while minimizing concerns that residents may have related to those needs.