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St. Paul Park council candidate Q&A: Retired firefighter Zenner looks for smooth city management

Name: Bruce Zenner

Age: 59

Address: 744 Fourth St.

Occupation: ATM tech

Education: Park High School

Family: son, Matt, 27; his wife Casey; grandson Brayden, 2; mother; three brothers

Civic involvement: recently retired paid on-call firefighter for St. Paul Park, Heritage Days committee

Why are you qualified to serve on the city council? As a lifelong resident of St. Paul Park and a retired paid on call firefighter, I care about the city and its future. There are projects in the city I feel could continue or help move forward. Most importantly I want to explore opportunities which might be possible to implement to ensure the future of St Paul Park as a viable and strong city.

What would your approach be to the proposed BNSF auto-exchange lot? We need to sit down and talk to the BNSF representatives and find out what their plan is. This would give the City of St. Paul Park to express the city's concerns and hopefully allow BNSF and the City to reach a mutually amicable agreement. If or when this comes to fruition, then the City can begin working on development, if any, on the southern end of town. This project will be a player in what type of business or housing the city can attract.

What are your two biggest priorities as a council member? Keeping the city run smoothly, and resolving the BNSF project.