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St. Paul Park budget proposes flat levy

With the deadline to submit a budget for fiscal year 2014 looming, the St. Paul Park City Council got its first look at figures last week show a slight decrease in the levy.

During a recent council workshop, City Administrator Kevin Walsh briefly detailed the proposed budget.

"We are looking at a flat levy, one that is under zero," he said.

The preliminary 2014 general property tax revenue remains unchanged at $1.515 million with a $279,595 total debt levy, a $76,000 decrease from 2013.

The proposed budget, Walsh said, includes expenses for a part-time community service officer and an increase in fire training.

Several expenses the council expressed interest in keeping a priority include $25,000 to repair the hockey rink, $4,000 to install a new crosswalk at Oltman Middle School and a $160,000 transfer to the capital improvements fund for future street projects.

The biggest increase in funding, Walsh said, was a $309,000 increase in Local Government Aid.

The council asked city staff to investigate the cost of additional improvements to Heritage Park and including the resurfacing of Third Street, from Broadway Avenue to Pullman Avenue, and Pullman Avenue from Third Street to Sixth Street, into the 2014 street improvement project.

The council also inquired about the cost of a community survey.

The Council will meet for another budget workshop after its regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 19.

Budget highlights

Highlights of the preliminary St. Paul Park budget for 2014 include:

  • $1,350 decrease in general government expenses
  • $13,300 increase in city administration expenses
  • Decrease in public works salary
  • Capital improvements of $75,000
  • Implement no-parking zones and striping on Broadway Avenue for $10,000
  • Transfer $250,000 to other funds
  • $10,000 reduction in City Council donations to Heritage Days and Royalty
  • Increase in worker compensation insurance
  • Increase in seal coat and crack seal program to $80,000