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St. Paul Park plans for summer roadwork; alley improvements excluded

Around 100 St. Paul Park residents will maneuver torn up streets this summer after the City Council approved plans recently for more than $1 million in street and sewer repairs.

The estimated $1.4 million project will repave streets and replace and repair sections of storm and sanitary sewers in a neighborhood north and west of Heritage Park. The project is adjacent to an area where roadwork was completed during the summer of 2011. Bids for the project are due next month.

Streets included in the 2012 project include:

-- Summit Avenue, from Pullman Avenue to 14th Avenue;

-- Portland/Holley Avenue, from Pullman Avenue to 13th Avenue;

-- Ashland Avenue, from Pullman Avenue to 13th Avenue;

-- Laurel Avenue, from Pullman to 13th Avenue; and

-- 13th Avenue, from Summit Avenue to Lincoln Avenue.

Originally proposed to include the paving of three gravel alleyways within the project area, city officials scaled back the scope of the work after a lack of support from residents who would have shouldered 100 percent of the alley work.

"We have not received any feedback," City Administrator Kevin Walsh told City Council members at a meeting last week. "So, there are not any alleys included in this project."

A road project in 2011 improved a number of deteriorating residential streets, repaired water and sewer pipes and also tore up Broadway Avenue - St. Paul Park's main commercial thoroughfare -- to repave the roadway and replace the old water main underneath.

Residential properties in the project zone would be assessed roughly 33 percent of the project, according to the city's assessment policy. An assessment hearing is tentatively scheduled for May 7, Walsh said.