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Denmark Township family meets Obama

Two-year-old Sasha McCauley of Denmark Township gets President Obama's signature on her arm during a brief meet-and-greet when the president was in Minnesota last week. McCauley is being held by her relative, Theresa Uzpen of Cottage Grove. Submitted photo.

Last Tuesday turned out to be one very memorable day for several Denmark Township residents.

Shortly after President Barack Obama landed at the airport in Bloomington, they were shaking his hand and getting autographs from him.

Two-year-old Sasha McCauley even had her arm autographed by the president.

Her mother, Bobbie Jo, was right there and couldn't believe it as it was happening.

"He was just going through and greeting everybody," Bobbie Jo McCauley said. "He signed another kids' arm next to us, and then saw Sasha. He patted her on the head and said, 'I love your hair.'"

Obama signed her arm, then moved down the line to autograph a sign brought by McCauley's 8-year-old daughter, Landri. She had crafted the sign that read "Welcome, Obama" and now has the autographed version of the sign hanging in her room.

McCauley's nephew, Jackson Palla, who lives in Hastings, had his sign autographed as well.

McCauley's brother works for the president on his medical staff and was able to arrange for the brief meet-and-greet. It was actually the second time that she was able to see the president. The first time around, they were even given a tour of Air Force One.

This time around, they were able to have more of a conversation with the president, who was in Minnesota to speak at the American Legion convention in Minneapolis.

"It's just amazing," she said. "He's only there for maybe five to 10 minutes, but somehow he holds a full conversation with you. It went by so fast, but you do feel like you got to have a little bit of a conversation with him. It was pretty cool."