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A 'true young hero' honored in St. Paul Park

10-year-old Jacob Hemmingson-Seaton was honored by the city of St. Paul Park Tuesday for his life-saving actions when his friend fell more than 20 feet from a cliff in Riverside Park into the Mississippi River last month. Bulletin photo by Jon Avise

St. Paul Park officials on Tuesday honored the 10-year-old Wisconsin boy who saved a friend's life last month after a fall in Riverside Park.

Jacob Hemmingson-Seaton and his 16-year-old friend, Doug Gjerdahl, were hiking in St. Paul Park's Riverside Park on June 16 when Gjerdahl tumbled some 20 feet down a cliff, landing in the river unconscious after hitting his head.

Hemmingson-Seaton, who is from Wisconsin and is staying in St. Paul Park for the summer, climbed down to his friend and pulled him from the water, saving Gjerdahl's life, St. Paul Park officials said, before calling for help from his cellphone.

St. Paul Park Mayor John Hunziker and the city's fire chief, Kurk Lee, honored the heroic 10-year-old for his actions, calling him a "true young hero."