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Legislative LGA cuts not as harsh to south Washington County

Proposed cuts in state aid to cities and counties by the state Legislature will not hit the cities of Newport and St. Paul Park as hard as reductions proposed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty last month.

Both cities will still lose significant amounts of Local Government Aid (LGA) payments, though: Newport would see its aid slashed by $289,000 under the proposal from the House and Senate, roughly a third of what it was set to receive in 2010; St. Paul Park would lose more than $193,000, roughly half of its aid.

Under the governor's proposed budget, Newport would have lost 48 percent of its LGA; St. Paul Park would have lost 71 percent.

The DFL-controlled Legislature proposes to cut general aid to Minnesota counties and cities by roughly $300 million. The budget proposed by the Republican Pawlenty would cut funding to local governments by $445 million.