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South Washington County School Board approves letter of intent to withdraw from integration district

School District 833 could leave the East Metro Integration District by 2015.

The South Washington County School Board on Dec. 5 approved a letter serving notice to EMID that the district intends to pull out of the 10-school district integration collaborative.

EMID used to operate the Crosswinds and Harambee community schools, of which the partner districts helped fund, and it continues to offer culturally diverse education curriculum and programs.

Administrators say District 833 is large enough that it can successfully operate many of the integration programs without EMID involvement, and withdrawing from the collaborative could be a way to better focus on reducing the academic achievement gap between white students and minority students.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

State law requires District 833 to belong to an integration collaborative. If it cannot join an alternative group, it could decide to remain in EMID.

—Scott Wente