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Cottage Grove Kids Club children raise money for cancer research in honor of staffer's mother

Children in the Grey Cloud Elementary School summer Kids Club program hold a large copy of the $500 check they gave to the American Cancer Society last week. (Bulletin photo by Judy Spooner)

Children in the Grey Cloud Elementary School summer Kids Club had a mission: they wanted to show their support for a staff member.

The kids were told that Lisa Wroblewski’s mother had cancer and that she had to leave the program for a time to take care of her. Her mother later died but the kids were proud that they had a way to help.

To show their support, the children raised $500 for the American Cancer Society and turned over the check to Melissa Marquis, society staff member, last week. The students had their picture taken to remember the occasion, by Lynn Deml, district youth programs manager.

“We know Lisa and that she had to leave to take care of her,” said Rieleigh Darveaux. “We felt bad for her.”

The kids held two bake sales. Ethan and Luke Rislove gathered up all the toys they’ve either grown out of or didn’t use, including a contribution by their sister, Alaina, and donated them for a toy sale to other children.

“I felt sad for her,” Brynn Moser said of Wroblewski.

Nathan Mitchell said he wanted to help because his grandmother died from cancer.

“It’s hard to live without her,” he said.

Kids Club supervisors also worked hard to help made the fundraisers “a reality,” Deml said.

Supervisors at Grey Cloud include Lisa DeWolf, Laurie Dittle, Heidi Wright, Julie Banaszewski, Betty DeBace, Chris Newton, Annette Cotroneo and Becca Latter.

Judy Spooner
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