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Park High School in Cottage Grove celebrates 'Snow Week'

Cameron Anderson (left) and Tolu Ogunrinde just after being picked to represent the freshmen class during Snow Week at Park High School.1 / 7
Schyler Wood (center) has just been picked to represent the junior class for SnoBall royalty. Molly Moran (left) and Molly Swanson, the other two candidates, seem very happy for her.2 / 7
Michael Harrison just after being named king of Snow Week during Friday's pep fest in the gym at Park High school.3 / 7
Snow Week Queen Carlyn Lindstrom (left) and King Michael Harrison, wearing crowns and robes, are ready to reign over Snow Week. During the pep fest, when clubs and teams entered to celebrate, Queen Carlyn and King Michael joined in as members of the One-Act Play cast.4 / 7
Carlyn Lindstrom has just learned that she is a new queen of Snow Week. The other two candidates were Greta Tank (center) and Kerni Olukoga.5 / 7
Tami Velez, science teacher, was crowed as staff royalty during the pep fest. The other teachers nominated were Laura Beard and Nicki Viath.6 / 7
Thea Joseph just felt the tiara on top of her head meaning she represents the sophomore class. The other nominees are Emily Fusco (left) and Elisabeth Pearson.7 / 7

Unlike the mild weather of 2012, this year's Park High School Snow Week happened in the middle of a normal Minnesota winter.

Last week's celebration was filled with special dress days and a dodgeball tournament in the activity center. The students were in eye-popping colors on Friday for "neon day."

The coronation, traditionally held during a dance on Saturday night, was moved to a pep fest on Friday afternoon and drew a larger audience. So many students are involved in sports teams and section competition that it made sense to change it, according to Alena Behr, a teacher and Snow Week organizer.

After the Air Force Junior ROTC brought the flags in for the National Anthem, student emcees Nate Pearson and Allie Mathiason commented on the week's activities. Teachers Stacy Paleen and Adam Sheridan introduced the royalty candidates, which included three girls and three boys from each class nominated by staff members. Winners were selected by student voting.

Candidates for Snow Week king and queen, from the senior class, were Cody Newton and Greta Tank; Michael Harrison and Kemmi Olukoga; and Irving Gutierrez and Carlyn Lindstrom. Harrison and Lindstrom were crowned and capped to preside over the remaining activities of Snow Week.

Royalty candidates from the freshmen class were DiAndre Boykin and Michaela Silvis; Tolu Ogunrinde and Abigail Horner; and Tristan Holt and Cameron Anderson. Anderson and Ogunrinde won.

Sophomore class nominees were Kaleb Fischer and Emily Fusco; Ryan Tolkinen and Thea Joseph; and Ethan Berube and Elisabeth Pearson. Joseph and Fischer were picked.

From the junior class, nominees were Zach Hemmingson and Molly Swanson; Sullivan Brenke and Schyler Wood; and Jordan Pinnex and Molly Moran. Wood and Pinnex won.

Special royalty status was conveyed on favorite female and male staff members. Nominated and voted on by students, nominees were Don Kinney, Joe Adams, Todd Hyland, Laura Beard, Tami Velez and Nicki Viath. The winning couple was Adams, an English teacher, and Velez, a science teacher.

Judy Spooner
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