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What we're thankful for: Cottage Grove students open up about family, vets, pets and even cereal

Reed Tschumperlin's fifth-grade class at Crestview Elementary School includes Macaiyah Alexander, Johnathan Anderson, Gabriel Atkins, Grayden Bluhn, Ezekiel Brown-Knott, Dawson Caine, Victoria Davis, James Diedrich, Zachary Dowdle, McKayla Ducharme, Sierra Green-Hatchett, Valentino Guevara, Abby Gunderson, Katelyn Hansen, Jacobb Hatfield, Ismael Jimenez, Jayden Kinsey, Peyton Klecatsky, Alexis Konechney, Vincent Mencacci, Dawson Mitsch, Alysia Monjeau, Khrystiyan Mullen, Cameron Oehrlein, Madlyn Ripka, A...

Reed Tschumperlin's fifth-grade class at Crestview Elementary School recently worked in small groups to discuss what they are thankful for. Here are their essays.

--Judy Spooner

'They support us'

We are thankful for our families because they support us through our struggles and are always there for us. They believe in you, love you and teach you lessons on how to behave. When we get down, they push us back up.

We are also thankful for veterans because they fight for our country. They never give up on us. No matter who they are, we will always believe in them.

- Adison Steinke, Jayden Kinsey, Seth Westman-Branum and Dawson Caine

'There when you need them'

We are thankful for sports because they are active and they can be fun. Also, they can be competitive. Our favorite sports are soccer, baseball, football and softball.

We are also thankful for our families because they help us with homework if we get stuck. They also bring us to sports events, games and practices. And, finally, they work hard hours to keep their jobs and keep food on our dinner table.

The last thing we are thankful for is our friends because they are there when you need them. They can entertain us, and, last but not least, they are kind most of all.

- Abby Gunderson, Alexis Konechney, Peyton Klecatsky and Jacobb Hatfield

'They protect us'

We're thankful for all of the people that served in the war and all of the other branches of the military. They protect us at all times against attacks. Some have given their lives to give us freedom.

We are thankful for our families. They help us at all times. They feed us and gave us life. They protect us from all the dangers and are always there for us. They stop us from doing bad things.

- Gabriel Atkins, Khrystiyan Mullen, Valentino Guevara and Vincent Mencacci

'Help us through hard times'

We are thankful for family and friends because they help us through hard times and make us laugh. Our parents protect us by telling us to stay away from strangers, matches and sharp things. Friends can help us when we are hurt.

We are thankful for veterans because they go away where there is harm to keep our rights.

We are also thankful for freedom because without it, we would be working as young children and not going to school.­­ Without freedom there would still be slavery. Slavery is the worst.

- Sierra Green-Hatchett, Madlyn Ripka and Grayden Bluhm

'They sometimes give their lives'

We are thankful for veterans because they protect what we believe in. They protect our nation and sometimes give their lives. They leave everything at home for our freedom. Thank you for your service.

We are thankful for our pets because they keep us warm in the winter. They make us responsible and we can feed our veggies to them. They are very awesome!

We're thankful for life because without it, we wouldn't be here. Without us, this lead pencil wouldn't exist. Without life there would be no life and no Life cereal.

- Duane Welch, Autumn Zambrano, Dawson Mitsch and Evan Villas

'Thankful for family and veterans'

We are thankful for family and veterans. Ali is thankful for her family because she has a roof over her head and food in her stomach and love in her heart. Ismael is thankful for his family because he's safe. Without her family, Tori said she would die. McKayla said she would be lonely without her family.

We are also thankful for veterans because they fought for our country and gave us freedom. Tori's dad served our country in the Army.

- Ismael Jimenez, McKayla Ducharme, Alysia Monjeau and Victoria Davis

'Freedom, family and sports'

We are thankful for freedom, family and sports.

Freedom is a powerful thing that can change lives. Think about what it would be like under a dictator's power. All the veterans in the U.S.A. risked their lives for you.

Families put a roof over our head and food in our stomach. They help us through hard times. Every year I make lefse with my family and it means a lot to me. When friends left me at a park, my dad picked me up.

We are thankful for sports because we can do it every day. We play hockey, baseball and gymnastics.

- Johnathan Anderson, Cameron Oehrlein, James Diedrich and Rachel Williamson

'Thankful for life'

What are we thankful for? We are thankful for freedom because of people who go to war and had to make a total sacrifice by leaving their families.

We are also thankful for shelter because if we didn't have it, we would live in the street.

We are also thankful for life because if we didn't have life, we wouldn't know our families and friends who are always there for us.

- Seth Zerwas, Zachary Dowdle, Ezekiel Brown-Knott and Katelyn Hansen

Judy Spooner
Judy Spooner is the longest-serving staff writer at the South Washington County Bulletin. Spooner, who covers education and features in addition to writing a weekly column, has been with the newspaper for over 30 years.
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