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May 31, 2011 story: Girl apprehended after Woodbury school lockdown

Crosswinds East Metro Arts and Science Middle School went into a temporary lockdown this morning following a threat report.

According to an East Metro Integration District 606 press release, staff at Crosswinds noticed threats targeting specific students written on a white board in the media center. The school went into lockdown for more than an hour as a precaution.

Police were called to the school, located at 600 Weir Drive, where they conducted an investigation of the situation.

Woodbury police Sgt. Curt Zacharias said a 12-year-old female was apprehended. He said the girl will likely face school consequences and possible criminal charges; she was released to her parents, Zacharias said.

The suspect did not have a history of threats or run-ins with authorities, Zacharias said.

Once police determined that there was no further threat to students or staff, the lockdown was lifted.

"At no time was their safety in jeopardy," Zacharias said of students and faculty, adding that no weapon was located.

Crosswinds principal Bryan Bass could not be immediately reached.