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Supporting and socializing: Cottage Grove club a resource for moms

Jill Redmond (right) and her daughter, Kate, work on a craft project together at a recent Moms Club get-together. Bulletin photo by Judy Spooner

Jen Blomberg has a good sense of humor about her job as a stay-at-home mother and wanted to socialize with other moms who are coping with the same issues about raising children.

Blomberg, mother to Lucy and Josh, joined the Moms Club of Cottage Grove.

"I wanted to be with people my own age who use big words," she said in an interview at a club meeting at Ally Church in Cottage Grove. "We're all going through the same things."

Megyn Gillard wanted a chance to get out of the house and socialize with other moms.

Leah Noeski has been a member of moms' club for five years.

"I'm practically an alumni," she said.

Noeski depended on the club for support, and it also took the guesswork out of planning activities.

The club's calendar, which comes with a monthly newsletter, lists activities for nearly every day including play days at the homes of members and special activities such as bowling. Members and children recently toured a railroad museum in St. Paul. Couples, taking a break from their children, acted out a mystery during a dinner event at a member's home.

Those interested in joining the Cottage Grove Moms Club can attend two public events at no charge. New memberships are $25 a year and allow moms to also participate in events at private homes.

For information about Moms Club of Cottage Grove, call Milissa Fortuna, club president, at (651) 769-2315 or e-mail her at