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Teachers honored, 'All Stars' named

District 833 Education All Stars for 2009-10 are (left to right) Lanka Liyanapathiranage, Samuel Dummer, Wendi Draper, Robin Fate, Todd Hyland, Kiersten Jaeger and Nora Jankowski. Not shown is Sharon Haley. (Submitted photo)

The annual South Washington County District 833 Employee Celebration banquet was held at the Prom Center in May to honor "Education All Stars," retirees and those who have worked in the district from 20 to 50 years.

Education All Stars are nominated by their peers, with final selection handled by a subcommittee, according to a press release. This year's All Stars are Wendi Draper, Samuel Dummer, Robin Fate, Sharon Haley, Todd Hyland, Kiersten Jaeger, Nora Jankowski, Lanka Liyanapathiranage,

- Wendi Draper is a first-grade teacher at Cottage Grove Elementary School. Her colleagues describe her as the "silent" leader at school; doing many things behind the scenes with a smile on her face. "She strives to promote collaboration and a strong sense of community in the building," according to the nomination application.

- Samuel Dummer teaches language arts at Cottage Grove Middle School. "Sam is never OK with doing just OK. Every personal or team project is defined by his energy, excellence and positivity," one nomination application noted.

- Robin Fate is a counselor at Cottage Grove Middle School. "The staff Robin works with recognizes skills he uses to collaboratively plan for and intervene with parents in all types of situations," one nominating application noted. During a crisis, he organized parent meetings, created plans for students to be successful, continued to advocate for students, was a resource for parents and followed up after the crisis.

- Sharon Haley is a social studies teacher at East Ridge High School. "Sharon was one of two teachers recognized by students at the first term of the school year," according to a nominating application. Sharon compliments and recognizes each staff member's positive traits and unique abilities.

- Todd Hyland is a social studies teacher at Park High School. "Todd makes classes enjoyable with stories and examples students relate to while learning. He's an advocate, approachable and determined to give students a quality education."

- Kiersten Jaeger is a social studies teacher at Park High School. "Kiersten creates a welcoming, working and learning environment that fosters excellence, with a positive outlook that is contagious. She is trained in the new International Baccalaureate program at Park and spearheaded the adoption of new textbooks for all world languages."

- Nora Jankowski is a fourth-grade teacher at Middleton Elementary School. Each school has a "go to" person. This describes Nora as she guides staff with data, curriculum questions and student achievement. As a data specialist she is seen as the link between teachers, administration and curriculum leaders. Nora shares ideas, keeps teams focused and strives to meet the needs of students, the application noted.

- Lanka Liyanapathiranage, a language arts teacher at Woodbury Middle School, is described as a teacher whose positive attitude is infectious, a creative leader with a passion and commitment to his students. He currently runs the movie and book clubs, inspiring students to build video and editing skills plus the love of learning through reading.

- Tim Walton is a physical education teacher and coach at Park High School.

"Tim stands out as a coach with a positive attitude and level of enthusiasm that doesn't change whether the team is winning or losing. He is committed to kids. He is very willing to work with other coaches to make sure students can play in multiple sports.

Also recognized at this event were employees who are retiring or have milestone years of service to the district. They are listed below.

District 833 employees who are retiring this year or have reached a milestone are listed along with their current assignment and number of years of service.

- Retirees

Cheryl Abrahamson, Park High School, 18 years

Bernice Adamiak, Woodbury High School, 5 years

Linda Anderson, Special Services, 15 years

Judy Badger, Crestview, 27 years

Jim Beecroft, Park, 25 years

Brian Bonfig, Woodbury High School, 36 years

Mary Jo Burns, Pine Hill, 17 years

Carole Constable, Crestview, 19 years

Joseph Darwin, Transportation, 11 years

Vernold Derichs, Transportation, 20 years

Mary Flaten, Woodbury High School, 36 years

Gary Halvorson, Woodbury High School, 34 years

Carole Hamilton, Middleton, 27 years

Thomas Hartman, Transportation, 10 years

Barb Horn, Hillside, 20 years

William Johnson, Woodbury Middle School, 17 years

Leroy Juelfs, Grey Cloud, 14 years

Harold Kaupang, Woodbury High School, 7 years

Margaret Lindberg, Armstrong, 8 years

Linda Litkey, Woodbury Middle School, 6 years

Sheryl Noeker, Grey Cloud, 32 years

Doreen Nystedt, Woodbury High School, 33 years

Beverly Oszman, Transportation, 19 years

Nancy Ream, Oltman Middle School, 15 years

Sara Schoepf, Special Services, 8 years

Jayne Simse, Bailey, 32 years

Lois Twedt, Pine Hill, 31 years

Valda Van Alstine, Red Rock, 7 years

Sharil Warner, Pullman, 23 years

Barbara Wehling, Middleton, 14 years

Mary Wellman, Liberty Ridge, 40 years

Judy Zirbel, District Service Center, 26 years

- 45 Years

Martha Ross, Armstrong

- 40 Years

Mary Wellman, Liberty Ridge

- 35 Years

Pam Dahlager, Park High School

Paula Frank, Red Rock

Todd Keith, District Service Center

Fred Oltman, District Service Center

Raya Rawson, Grey Cloud

Karen Seashore, Woodbury High School

Bonita Waddick, Woodbury High School

John Woodruff, Lake Middle School

- 30 Years

Patricia Coleman, Alternative Learning Center

Gary Halvorson, Woodbury High School

Greg Juba, Park High School

Norma May, Armstrong

Pamela Merrick, Woodbury Elementary

Kristi Sullivan, Cottage Grove Elementary

Sheila Tschida, East Ridge

Mary Wohnoutka, Armstrong

- 25 Years

Roger Autio, District Service Center

Jennifer Berg, Armstrong

Pat Bigham, District Service Center

Jan Buikema, Lake Middle School

John Davis, Middleton

Denise Downhour, Royal Oaks

Doug Ekmark, Park High School

Kelly Fenske, Crestview

Bill Good, District Service Center

Harla Goodpaster, Royal Oaks

Shari Hanson, Community Ed

Leslee Henaman, Middleton

Linda Huikko, Community Ed

Carolyn Jankowski, Alternative Learning Center

Vici Jernigan, East Ridge

Linda Kritzky, Transportation

Nancy Lienhard, Bailey

Rick Light, Woodbury High School

Anne Lindgren, Grey Cloud

Randy Ludtke, Royal Oaks

Julie Munger, District Service Center

Janice Nagle, Pullman

Judy Nicklay, Cottage Grove Elementary

Patricia Perkins, Pullman

Julie Petersen, Royal Oaks

Becky Schenk, Woodbury Middle School

Helen Schwartz, Community Ed

Mark Sikich, Park High School

Diane Vanderhorst, Cottage Grove Middle School

Sue Weise, Community Ed

Jana White, Woodbury Middle School

- 20 Years

Pam Anacker, Hillside

Mary Anderson, Woodbury Elementary

Cindy Bothun, Community Ed

Vernold Derichs, Transportation

Julie Downhour, Grey Cloud

Jane Erickson-Linder, Special Services

Joan Gillham, Special Services

John Haines, Woodbury Middle

Colleen Heck, Bailey

Barb Horn, Hillside

Barb Hranicka, Pine Hill

Jean Johnson, Hillside

Camille Johnson, Oltman Middle School

Kathleen Jorvig, Red Rock

Tom Kulenkamp, Woodbury Elementary

Luverne Loeffelholz, Transportation

Patricia Maes, Pullman

Ardith Malcolm, Transportation

Bonnie McHattie, Transportation

Audrey Monjeau, Oltman Middle

Kathryn Orth, Middleton

Anthony Reed, Crestview

Melanie Roach, Cottage Grove Elementary

Shirley Rodgers, Newport

Roald Sateren, Woodbury High School

Theresa Scheder, Special Services

Vicki Segelstrom, Royal Oaks

Penny Shefland,Transportation

Michelle Smith,District Service Center

Sue Stenson, Community Ed

Marsha Swails, Woodbury High School

Susan Swiger, Pine Hill

Leroy Warzecha, Transportation

Susan Waslie, Pullman

Nancy Weisheim, Park High School