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Keeping their balance

Devin Schwartz seems confident on the balance beam during a gymnastics class. (Bulletin photo by Judy Spooner)1 / 2
Gymnasts spend much of their routines upside down. Jenny Rodrigez helps Marisa Schwab get the feeling of what it's like to do rollovers. (Bulletin photo by Judy Spooner)2 / 2

Even very young children know that performers, when they are finished with their routines, throw both hands in the air in a flourish and show big smiles on their faces reflecting their accomplishment. It's one thing they don't have to learn about gymnastics. The Park High School gymnastics facility, also known as "The Wolf Den" by students on gymnastics teams, is located next to the Activity Center. Nearly every evening, it's filled with children taking classes. They learn how to do a backward somersault by sliding over a large padded barrel, but do not need help learning to jump on a trampoline. Many of those who help with classes are former gymnasts. For information on classes for youth and adults, go to

-- Judy Spooner