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Q & U: Together forever

When a couple marries, there is usually a picture taken of the wedding party. Overseen by Cottage Grove Elementary School Principal Carl Aegler, are (from left) Luke McCarthy, Kirsch Kaden, James Hren, Anika Balaraju, Phuong Dao and Jade Burbank. (Bulletin photo by Judy Spooner)

Cottage Grove Elementary School kindergartners attended the wedding of 'Q' and 'U' on Feb. 12 in the school's commons area.

Principal Carl Aegler married the two letters to be forever joined in words such as "quaint and quiet."

The event was both fun and educational.

Children learned how to act at an important occasion and were asked to wear "dress up" clothes.

At home, they made wedding cards with the help of their families and just before going to the commons area, cards were taken from a decorated box, Teacher Cindy Benjamin read each one aloud. "Q and U asked that no presents be given, only cards," she said.

The reception, with cake and punch, was served in the cafeteria.

"If you are finished eating, you should talk with the people at your table," instructed teacher Brenda Theuer. "Ask them what their plans are for the weekend."

Students, teachers and helpers, danced to "The Macarena," "The Chicken Dance," and "YMCA."

Judy Spooner
Judy Spooner is the longest-serving staff writer at the South Washington County Bulletin. Spooner, who covers education and features in addition to writing a weekly column, has been with the newspaper for over 30 years.
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