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Keep on dancin'

Whether they are break dancing or doing moves to hip-hop music, the FunkyMunkys are having fun.

The group meets twice a week after school to dance and compete against each other to see who has the best moves. After a spectacular move, the others applaud in appreciation.

This year, the FunkyMunkys have only five members since many students who were in their group last year have moved on or graduated, said Brian Her, spokesman for the group.

The group, which is not an official club at Park High School, started getting together only a few weeks after the beginning of school last year.

Most students were not aware of the group, but liked what they saw when the FunkyMunkys took center stage during the 2008 homecoming pep fest in the gym. With loud clapping and applause, it was evident students appreciated the performance.

This year, students gave them the same reception as the FunkyMunkys danced together as a group and individually.

"We really like doing it and we like to entertain people," Her said.

Through the dancing, he said, they show others they are confident about who they are, that they are intelligent and have many skills.

After watching the group show their dance skills, some people might conclude they spend a lot of time perfecting their dance moves at home.

But they don't.

Dancing is strictly a competition they engage in twice a week that gets them "pumped up" to see who can make the best moves. Each one seems to have a favorite skill he excels at. Jerry Xiong, for example, does various handstands.

So far, only Hmong students are in the group, but all students are welcome to join, according to Her.

"You don't have to be good," he said. "I wasn't good when I started."

Judy Spooner
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