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Cottage Grove man charged in multiple car thefts

A Cottage Grove man was arrested Sunday, Oct. 15, for stealing from unlocked cars in the area of Hyde Avenue and 76th Street.

David M. Constantine Jr., 20, was seen going through a car by a nearby resident, who reported the thefts, according to police. Officers pulled him over around 12:45 a.m. near 76th and Hinton Avenue after receiving a description of his vehicle.

Constantine told police he stole from five cars Oct. 15.

Police found the following stolen items in his vehicle:

• A loaded gun

• Plastic bag with bullets

• A prescription bottle containing 35 oxycodone pills

• A purse with victim's driver's license

• Over $400 in cash and change

Police also found a BB gun in the trunk.

Constantine was charged with three counts of theft, possession of a handgun and drug possession.

He has a history of vehicle-related theft, burglary and drugs charges in Cottage Grove. Constantine was suspected of or involved in up to 24 separate incidents over the past three years, according to a criminal complaint.