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Charges dropped against St. Paul Park man

District court charges against Gregg Wilwert of St. Paul Park for financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult have been dropped amid an ongoing investigation.

Wilwert, 38, was charged June 8 with taking over $250,000 between September and May from a relative in a senior living facility. Wilwert had power of attorney, but is alleged to have taken the money without permission.

After charges were filed, the timing of when the money was taken and when the victim was considered a vulnerable adult by statute came into question. The victim became a vulnerable adult when she has moved into the senior living facility, but investigators have found that she may not have been living in the facility at the time Wilwert took the money, Sgt. Randy McAlister said.

Cottage Grove police will continue investigating. Wilwert could still face theft or other charges.

Wilwert was also charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in a separate case in May.

He is out on bail.