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St. Paul Park bond proceeds used to buy fire gear

A portion of the proceeds received from the November 2013 sale of a $423,000 general obligation bond will be used to purchase new helmets and bunker gear for the St. Paul Park Fire Department.

City Administrator Kevin Walsh said last week that the city’s needs changed since November and items for the department are needed.

Fire Chief Kurk Lee said new helmets are especially needed because the department’s current gear is more than a decade old.

“The old ones are very bulky,” Lee told the City Council. “The new helmets are more aerodynamic with a fighter pilot style to them.”

The helmets come equipped with an LED light on the front and allow the firefighters more neck movement. The new helmets are $50 more per head than the old model, but Lee said it provides more protection.

“We’d be the first in our area, in Washington County to get these,” Lee said.

The rest of the proceeds of the bond sale will still fund various other equipment purchases.